Why Are Cats Attracted To Olives?

This is a highly regular occurrence among felines, but we don’t know what it means. The fragrance of the olive appears to remind the cat of specific pheromones (odours generated by glands that stimulate physiological or behavioural reactions between members of the same species) emitted by their congeners, especially during mating. In the presence of mint or valerian, some cats exhibit the same behaviour (variety of catnip).

The active ingredient, nepetalactone, has antidepressant properties. Some cats act like kittens when they come into touch with it, rolling around on the ground, rubbing, meowing, and getting weary. It has a 5- to 15-minute impact and is completely harmless to the animal. It may also be found in various cat toys and pillows.

However, be aware that this chemical might cause violent behaviour in some guys, particularly entire males.

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