Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Have you ever spotted your cat leaping into your house’s empty packing boxes? Cats seem to enjoy curling up in cardboard boxes, despite the fact that it may not appear to be the most comfortable napping area. While scientists aren’t sure why cats have such a weird love to boxes, here are a few theories.

Predators in Residential Areas

Predators are cats. In the wild, they eat rats, birds, and other small creatures to survive. Because stalking and ambushing are common methods in their hunts, seeking and using cover is intuitive behaviour. Despite the fact that domestic cats do not have many opportunities to pursue wildlife, they nevertheless have the desire to hide, stalk, and pounce. A box may appear to be the ideal hiding location for a fictitious or “practise” hunt that is a natural aspect of their predatory behaviour.

Scratching is another normal cat behaviour. Cats scratch to maintain the health of their claws and to mark their territory. Some cats find cardboard to be an excellent scratching surface.

A Getting-Away-From-It-All Spot

Boxes can also be used by cats to relieve stress and rest. Some shelter cats were given a box when they arrived, while others were not. Those who were given boxes adjusted to their new environment significantly faster and showed less stress than those who were not. This could indicate that cats seek refuge in enclosed hiding areas when confronted with stressful or overwhelming situations. As a result, when your cat disappears inside a box, it could be taking a break to handle an overload of stress.

A Cozier Environment

Another reason cats may enjoy boxes is the warmth provided by the cardboard insulation. According to a recent study, cats like temperatures between 86 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, that’s a lot hotter than the average cat owner’s house or even the outdoor temperature in many locations, which could explain why cats seek out small enclosed spaces like boxes to build a nest for added warmth.

Kitty’s House: Adding Boxes

Whatever the reasons behind your cat’s fondness for boxes, it’s enough to know that it enjoys them. By maximising your cat’s access to boxes and box-like locations, you may provide enjoyment, warmth, and possibly a sense of rest to its surroundings. The simplest solution is to place a few more cardboard boxes about the home for it to nest in. For added softness, add blankets, towels, or old T-shirts. If you’re feeling very inventive, you may join some boxes to create a cardboard castle or jungle gym (just make sure it’s stable). You may turn your cat’s love of boxes into an interesting environment and make it adore you forever with a little inventiveness!

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