5 Cat Sounds and Their Meanings

Cats emit a variety of noises that might be difficult to understand.  In this blog we will tell you what are 5 cat sounds and their meanings.

5 Cat Sounds and Their Meanings:


Cats purr when they’re happy and when they’re worried. A dissatisfied purr is often louder and more agitated than a joyful purr.

Although the reasons for purring differ, cats purr as kittens to create relationships with their mothers, which they then pass on to their owners.


As kittens grow into adults, meowing is used to communicate with people rather than other cats. If your cat is attempting to catch your attention, you may hear her meow.

Your cat may be unwell if you detect a strange and excessive meow from her. Excessive meowing is typically an indication that your cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian.


Caterwauling is a distressing lament that is loud and sometimes painful. Some cats, however, make this sound during mating. Investigate if you hear caterwauling, but don’t be alarmed.


A trilling sound is a cat sound used to communicate with other cats and occasionally humans. It’s frequently used to draw attention or give instructions.

It can also be used to imitate the prey when hunting birds.


Cats hiss as a warning to come to a halt or stay away. When cats are in pain or angry, they may hiss.

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