Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet?

It is not necessary for your dog to be a lap dog to enjoy relaxing on your lap or against your feet. Many dogs find it relaxing to sit on their owners’ laps.

Although certain breeds are deliberately developed to be little lap dogs, there are other large lap dogs that aren’t titled as such.

Dogs, in general, like cuddling on your lap because they are sociable creatures with deep emotional attachments to their owners. Dogs cuddle on your lap and feet to convey affection, much like they lick you or wag their tail.

Dogs who sit on your lap get extra affection from you since you can’t get up with your furry companion on your lap.

Despite popular misconception, dogs have no desire to be in a position of authority over their family members and will not sit on your lap to demonstrate dominance.

Cats, not dogs, are the only animals that climb to high areas to demonstrate dominance.

In order to seek your attention, dogs may sit on your lap. We frequently have hectic days as pet owners, with little time to play with our dogs. If your dog climbs on your lap to grab your attention, it’s most likely because he wants to play with you.


  • It’s a source of comfort
  • They’re feeling nervous
  • They want to keep you close
  • They’re trying to show you that they love you
  • They’re being a bit possessive or protective
  • Your dog is waiting to follow you

If your dog only wants to stay on your lap all day and has little energy, he might be unwell. Take your dog to the vet if this is the case.

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