Sit to Stand- Dog Training

Sit to Stand

You might ask yourself, “Why bother teaching my dog to stand?”
The stand command is a useful exercise in its own right, one whose value you will appreciate later. It’s
particularly helpful when using the stay command. For now, don’t gloss it over. Make sure your
dog solidly holds the stand for a moment while you deliver the treat.


With your dog in a sit, keep the treat very
close to her nose without releasing it.






Slowly pull the treat straight forward to lure
your dog into a stand.





Make sure that the treat is level with
your dog’s nose and that you’re pulling it
forward parallel to the ground. Once your
dog is in the stand, say, “Stand,” and
deliver the treat.



DON’T DO THIS: If you bring the treat above
the natural level of your dog’s nose, she will
tend to hold a sit. Here the treat is too high,
so she doesn’t move forward into a stand.

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