Dog Training- Down to Sit

DOWN TO SIT- Dog Training

With your dog in a down, practice bringing her back into a sit before releasing the treat. This builds your first
training sequence — “puppy push-ups.”

After your dog reaches the down position,
simply keep the treat close to your dog’s





Then slowly bring the treat back up and over
your dog’s head …




… and keep going till she’s back in a sit.
Say, “Sit,” and deliver the treat.





  • Make It Easy for Them

    When you’re just getting started with training, it’s important to set your dog up for success
    and repeat that success often. In other words, make it impossible for your dog to fail by
    keeping the exercises so simple that failure just isn’t possible.
    This is extremely important in order to build your dog’s confidence and enjoyment
    of the process and also to learn without impediment. Repeated success creates a groove in
    your dog’s mind that will become easy for her to fall back into once the level of difficulty
    increases and once you teach the concept “you must,” when your expectation of compliance
    or obedience creates new pressure.

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