5 Weird Things Cats Love

Everyone has unique behavioural tendencies, and occasionally it seems like our cats do too. Do you think it’s odd that despite the fancy cat toys you buy, your cat prefers to play with a straightforward hair tie? Although cats are enigmatic animals, there is typically a purpose for their actions or a justification for their interests. If you’re interested in learning why your cat enjoys the weird things he does, keep reading to learn more about the inspiration for your cat’s passion(5 Weird Things Cats Love).

Drinking From Your Water Cup or the Faucet Instead of Their Fountain

Your cat enjoys drinking from the tap or your glass, so you buy a pricey cat water fountain. Why is that what he does?

Your cat might not recognise that the water in the glass belongs to you. He could just decide to drink from the water container since it is nearby when he gets thirsty. In the wild, cats will drink anytime they become thirsty and come upon a water source; they don’t deliberately search for water bowls.

Another possibility is that your cat is watching you drink and is attempting to imitate you. If it works for you, it will work for her as well.

Due to their interest with water that emerges out of nowhere, some cats may choose to drink from the tap when you are busy washing dishes or brushing your teeth. Or perhaps your cat simply prefers the taste of flowing water over water that has been sitting in a cat bowl all day, which breeds germs. Additionally, food scraps might contaminate the water and alter its flavour.

Pushing Things Off Tables and Watching Them Break

Does your cat only exist to knock items from your shelves? It is very stressful to give your cat lots of toys, only to have her constantly knock things off of counters and ruin stuff. Why do cats think they must act in this way?

Well, your cat responds differently each time it pushes something till it drops. He could find it amusing to see the objects break into several pieces or bounce around in various directions as they fall.

Getting Into Boxes and Jumping Out of Them

Why do some cats have a box obsession? Being in a box with side supports might occasionally be comfortable for them since they are animals of comfort. Some cats, on the other hand, feel comfortable and secure and that they are shielded from all sides while they are in a box.

Boxes are entertaining to hide in, burst out of, and surprise family members and other animals. The expression of surprise or horror on our faces, or the responses from their roommates when they catch us off guard, I believe the cats are secretly pleased by. This is how they are pranking us, much like certain individuals like pulling practical jokes.

Stalking Inanimate Electrical Cords

Electric cables captivate my cat’s attention. I see him move about the living room every night while we watch television. He strikes the tags that are fastened to the wires. He attempts to bite the cables after grabbing them.

You would think that by now he would be bored with the game. Why would he continue to do it?

He could have discovered that playing with the cable was an effective method to gain my attention, which could be one of the causes. Playing with the cable could also be enjoyable since he finds it interesting the way it moves in various and unexpected ways.

I am familiar with his method at this point (modus operandi). As a result, I now try to capture his attention beforehand and divert him with a cat feather wand or a game of fetch to stop him from looking for the cord.

Having Their Butt Scratched

Have you ever had a cat approach you before turning around to show you their tail? A cat cannot use its claws to scratch the area humans would refer to as the “butt,” and occasionally using your tongue to scratch the area does not work either.

Some cats have discovered that if they want a good scratch, they should back up against a hanging hand. Cats may purr, wiggle their tails, raise their butts, and even arch up against your hand or foot to show that they are happy.

Normal cat activities that they need to express or that unintentionally reinforce themselves are what we see as eccentric cat habits. So take it easy and appreciate your cat’s own personality!

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