Is it OK to Leave My Dog Home Alone?

It is the most important concern for all pet owners. Is leave a dog alone the last option? How long will it last? Is this the first time you’ve left the kids at home alone? Are you able to rest while your pet is at home alone since your home is pet-friendly? Are they able to use a kitchen? Is your home clean and tidy?

Let’s shed light on the aforementioned issues and put an end to the anxiety felt by all pet owners worldwide. The solutions to how you can make their experience at home alone safe, healthy, and hygienic will be in your notebook.

One of the most delicate subjects, it highlights all potential consequences and their solutions so that you can deal with the problem if it ever arises. One of the things we find most calming is being home alone. We are free to eat whatever we want, wherever we want, and listen to loud music. But with dogs, that’s not the case.

Undoubtedly, dogs are the most intelligent animals, yet they lack the skills necessary to protect themselves from common disasters. They are unable of cooking their own food, avoiding contact with sharp objects, turning on the motor each evening, bringing home their groceries, or directly obtaining water from the refrigerator.

We will first learn about the medical conditions that could get worse if we leave a dog alone at home. unfriendly environment, even if they are treated in time or even alone, before moving on to the tips and tricks on how you can make their experience at home alone easier.

Loneliness When Leave a Dog Alone at Home

The most sensitive creatures are dogs, sometimes even more so than people. They have a reputation for experiencing and sharing human emotions, and they are known to change their mood to match that of their human companions. In a piece by Simon Worrall, it is suggested that dogs may have a caudate nucleus.

We need to be aware of how sensitive they are despite the remote likelihood that they experience a considerable amount of emotion. Dogs can suffer greatly if we leave a dog alone at home for a period of time longer than 8 to 9 hours. There is a potential that they will incline toward tension, which they may find difficult to overcome. Dogs experience stress, according to studies, and this emotional disturbance can adversely affect their mental health.

All potential bad emotions, including tension, worry, anger, etc., are rooted in loneliness. Let’s go right to the point and learn more about the emotional imbalance that results from their isolation.

  • An emotional imbalance known as separation anxiety develops when puppies are separated from their parents. Even if the dog is housebroken, they may exhibit behaviours like destructive chewing, door-scratching, or careless urination. Contact the veterinarian right away to discuss the cause of these issues. Learn more about canine separation anxiety from the professionals.
  • Repetitive Again, licking is one of the initial indications of loneliness. Attempt to pay attention to the sour patches on their tongue due to their excess. It can occasionally be challenging for them to stop.
  • One of the least playful indications is the absence of playfulness. Observe your dog more frequently and look for indications of their lack of motivation to get up? Are they any more sluggish now? How long have you been observing this type of response from them?
  • Reduced appetite: Even if they haven’t eaten all day, they frequently display signs of being too full to eat. Don’t hesitate any longer; speak with the veterinarian right away so that they can direct you in the appropriate direction.
  • harmful behaviours: Is your pet hostile? Do they exhibit aggressive behaviours? It is time to begin their treatment at this point. Different aggressions manifest themselves in dogs. More information on it is available here.

Tips for leaving your dog at home

It is one of the most often asked questions by pet owners. Leaving a dog at home poses serious risks and difficulties because they could eat something they shouldn’t or even get in contact with sharp things. To ensure that your pet dog is always healthy, read the advice below before deciding to leave them at home:

  • It is primarily about their age. Because their brain cells are still developing at this time of life, puppies shouldn’t be left alone at home because they won’t be able to deal with loneliness. They won’t be able to control their urination, and they’ll need to be checked on constantly.
  • If they are properly taught, adult dogs can stay at home with no problem. Potty training is one of the most important, and if they have enough room to wander around and can get to their toilet, they can be left at home.
  • Make sure your dog is not allowed to go hungry. Always keep their food in a location that is easy to get to, and they need to be well-trained to know where to look for it. You should keep their favourite food nearby, but keep all treats out of reach since once they start eating a treat, they will finish it. Always make sure they have access to a few snacks. To keep your dog healthy even when you are not around to watch them, browse and purchase dog food online at Canine Care India.
  • Start from the beginning, get them to utilise their box or any area. Give them adequate alone time so they won’t panic when you leave the house or go shopping. Encourage them to watch TV. Let them watch their preferred programme. Keep a recording of it so they may watch it whenever they want. The way dogs behave in front of the television has a purpose. This essay by Liz Langley will help you better comprehend.
  • Make them feel at ease around their favourite toys, chews, etc., whether soft or otherwise. Making a big issue out of leaving is one of the primary things you must avoid doing. They don’t need to hear precise instructions, good-byes, or calls to action like “I’ll come back soon,” “Be a good boy now,” “I’ll miss you,” etc. They are sophisticated enough to draw conclusions from your responses. They will always feel at ease thanks to it.
  • Nobody prioritises leaving dogs alone; instead, it depends on the circumstances and, occasionally, there is no other option. They can be left alone after receiving a thorough examination and sound training. You must, however, make sure they get good exercise every day.
  • Even five or six hours alone are a big thing for them; they can’t be left alone for an entire day. Dogs are gregarious creatures and always seek out company. Try to integrate your lunchtime when you are gone for work to keep an eye on them and eat with them. They’ll see that you’re taking a brief break and that you’ll be back soon. Details about it are provided in a Mary Kearl article.

Consider getting them checked out by the vet if they show any sort of destructive behaviour or hostility.

Alternatives for leaving dogs unattended at home

  • Pet Walker/Daycare for Animals
  • Bring your animal to work

What can happen when leave a dog alone?

Unusual drooling, agitation, shortness, spots on the tongue, disorientation, convulsions, sudden collapse, lethargy or weakness, and excessive panting are some of the most frequent yet hazardous symptoms of heatstroke in dogs. Check for these symptoms, and if you’re unsure about any of them, visit a veterinarian right away.

Start with home remedies if the vet is far from your home. Never give your dog a bath if they exhibit any of these signs. Their core temperature may instantly decrease. Observe the advice below:

  • Put a moist towel on the opposite side of their neck and around it.
  • To reduce the extreme heat, spritz some cold water over their skin. Do this until they stop panting.
  • Give them the cold water after adding some ordinary water to it.

Although it will calm them down, this is not the time to unwind; instead, have a veterinarian examine them.

Every breed is distinctive due to its various traits. Some people can readily adapt to the Indian environment while others cannot; some have long or short hair, etc. The greatest techniques to maintain them healthy and hopping must therefore be understood from the vet.

It is obvious from the aforementioned paragraph that leaving pets home alone shouldn’t always be the first option, but rather the last. However, by following these recommendations, you can decide for yourself how to best care for your animals when you are at work and they are alone.

People can all agree that animals, particularly dogs, are social creatures who want for companionship even more than we do. So it becomes crucial to employ precise techniques to improve the quality of life for your pet dogs.


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