Arthritis in Cats

What is arthritis in cats?

Cat arthritis is a common condition that causes painful joints and makes moving uncomfortable. There is no cure for cat arthritis, but you can take steps to make your cat feel better. If you notice your cat slowing down or showing signs of pain when they move, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian right away.

The term “arthritis” is used to describe a variety of pathological joint abnormalities. When cartilage is worn down more quickly than it can be rebuilt, certain alterations take place. As a cushion, cartilage protects the bones. Joints become painful and swollen as it fades away.

Cats in their middle to late years may acquire arthritis. It can cause persistent pain and have a poor impact on your cat’s quality of life. This condition is also referred to as degenerative joint disease. When a joint is unstable, which causes the bones to move irregularly within the joint, arthritis develops in cats. The cartilage that lines the joints gradually erodes as a result of this unnatural movement, and as a result, bone starts to rub against bone, causing chronic inflammation and pain.

Even though arthritis cannot be cured, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial because without it, your cat will continue to lose cartilage, necessitating more drastic measures, like surgery.

Does my cat have arthritis? Warning Signs and Symptoms

Cats’ movement and general health can be significantly impacted by arthritis. The first sign that your cat has arthritis is that she has trouble moving about and is reluctant to walk, run, or jump. Cat arthritis symptoms sometimes resemble those of more severe illnesses. If you see any of these symptoms, be sure to visit your veterinarian.

Signs of arthritis in cats

  • Decreased activity
  • Trouble jumping on/off surfaces
  • Eliminating outside the litter box
  • Walks stiffly and may even limp

Although the majority of cat owners are aware of their cat’s behavioural traits, such as their propensity for attacking feet at night or their ability to open doors, it can be challenging to tell whether behaviours that seem out of the ordinary are actually symptoms of a more serious health issue. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways cats conceal their suffering, typical ailments they experience, and how to get your cat the care she requires.

What causes arthritis in cats?

The following are risk factors:

  • Age: Cats’ cartilage will start to deteriorate as they age. Even though arthritis affects older cats more frequently, it can also strike young cats.
  • Breed: Some cat breeds have a higher risk of developing arthritis and having reduced mobility. The Himalayan, Persian, and Siamese cat breeds are among them.
  • Excessive weight: Excessive weight places an undue strain on the cartilages and joints, which can cause arthritis and other joint health issues.

Other possible causes include:

Congenital or inherited flaws: Some cat breeds may be predisposed to arthritis later in life due to inherited or congenital flaws.

Injury or trauma: Accidental damage to the cartilage might develop in arthritis later in life and have a negative impact on mobility.

Infection: On occasion, infections might result in the tissue of the joints and the cartilage being destroyed.

Managing Arthritis in Cats: Improving Mobility and Joint Health

Act right away to protect the joint health of your cat. Stop waiting.

Your cat has severe discomfort when she develops arthritis because the cartilage in her joints is wearing down.

Taking care of the issue right away will prevent your cat from needing more severe treatments, such surgery.

Treatment: The importance of nutrition

The food that your cat consumes has a significant impact on her general health and wellbeing. The foundation of an active, healthy lifestyle is a well-balanced diet. Always see your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment choices, and ask them to suggest the best diet for your cat’s arthritis and joint mobility health.

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